Sleepy head

RaeLynn is such a funny little girl. She does something new almost everyday (i.e funny faces or talking or even things she does) This is what she did the other night. She is talking more and more and putting words into sentences. So anyways she said (imagine in a little girl voice) “I going to sleep, night” then lays down in her chair and covers up then pretends to snore all while watching TV of course (Disney Junior)

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Fun with the Great/Great Grandma’s

So a little bit ago I got called into work on my day off and everyone was gone for the weekend, so little Miss RaeLynn had no where to go. I called up my Grandma and thankfully she was able to pick up RaeLynn and watch her for the afternoon, and as a double bonus she had my Great Grandma with her too. So RaeLynn spent the afternoon with her Great Grandma and her Great Great Grandma! She had a blast.

Getting ready to go

Having a fun time

Coming home after a fun day

RaeLynn and her Great Great Grandma

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So I have a little fish on my hands. RaeLynn absolutely loves the water, she always wants to go swimming. These pictures she is swimming with a ring and floaties but now at the end of summer she is swimming with just floaties!

Spitting out water


Just chillin

Getting the duck

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RaeLynn’s First Haircut

I put off as long as I could about getting RaeLynn’s hair cut and posting about it. I didn’t want to get her hair cut and her go from my little baby to my little girl in a instant. But I went ahead and gave my mom the ok to cut her hair. It was very hard on me, but at least her pictures are cute.




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Mommys Little Big Girl

Letting mommy do her hair.

Loves the camera

Smile big, just got my hair done to go bye-bye

I love chillin in my chair while watching tv

Learning how to text already!?




Here is pictures of everything my little big girl is now doing. She is also trying to learn how to dress herself and pick up her toys. She is getting so big and I can’t believe she is going to be 17 months this month, where has the time gone?

I am learning how to feed myself.

I sit at my desk and read books or watch tv

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Photo’s at 13 months!

Just this past weekend we spent it with my cousin, had lots of fun hanging out with her watching movies, making hair things and taking pictures. RaeLynn is 13 months this month and my cousin wanted to take her pictures with the hair clip that we made her. I think they turned out really good!

So Cute!


And point toe...

Gotta love her



No ones home..


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Disneyland Again!

So at the beginning of this month we had the opportunity to be able to go to Disneyland again to see some family that we haven’t seen for a while. This was RaeLynn’s third time going since she has been born and she has more fun every time we go. She was clapping and laughing and dancing to the music, played with the Disney Characters and had fun playing in Minnie Mouses House! We can’t wait to go again, and maybe next time we go RaeLynn will be tall enough to ride a couple new rides hmmm (:

Our Family


Hugging Minnie Mouse

We can cuz we cool!

Playing with Minnine Mouse's Dishwasher

Splash Mountain!

Grizzly Rapids!

The Girls!

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Already One!

On September 20, 2010 my world changed. And on September 20, 2011 that little person that changed my world turned one! I absolutely can not believe my precious little baby girl is now one! She had a awesome birthday had lots of fun. She had a Baby Minnie Mouse Birthday, with pizza for dinner and cup cakes for her cake. She got a lot of toys and plays with them all the time. A big thanks to everyone who came!





Sweet Kisses


Open please...



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Wow so a lot has happened since my last post.. I am so horrible at keeping this updated, but hopefully since now that I have the new iPad 2 I will be able to keep it more updated more often. Yes, you read that correctly, I just recently bought myself a iPad 2. Let me just tell you I am in love with this and I am so glad I bought it. But anyways I am still working, my baby is now 1 and has been to Disneyland a total of 3 times this year not many 1 year olds can say they been to Disneyland twice before they were 1 and then again shortly after they turned 1.. My child is spoiled with love (: This is a quick recap the next couple posts will be more descriptive.

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Photo Shoot

Here are some of my favorite pictures from mine and RaeLynn’s photo shoot that we did at the beginning of the month.

Mommy and RaeLynn
RaeLynn and Mommy
RaeLynn and her Bunny
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