A Little Later …

Posted December 9th, 2012 by Briana Dodge

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been on in a week or two from my last post. I’ve had some busy days with school, dance, and some other thigs I’ve been doing. I’m looking forward to going onto my blog more often! So I can tell you guys what I’ve been doing. I’m trying to be able to get on everyday.. Anyways, I can’t wait till Christmas!! It’s my most favorite time of the year. With all the presents, candy canes, Christmas decorations, and of course, Christmas dinner :D Christmas dinner is always my favorite. We have lots of delicious stuff like prime rib, mashed potatoes, and other yummy food. Well, I’ll keep you guys updated more of what’s going on! Ok, bye!

Just getting used to .

Posted November 24th, 2012 by Briana Dodge

Okay well hi again . Haha I just thought that since I haven’t been on my blog for like a year that I needed to post more . So now , I’m going to try to at least post 2 or 3 times a day . And tomorrow , I’m going to get a new Christmas theme or something holiday-ish . Since it’s almost Christmas . No dur .. And maybe during my posts I’ll even post a picture so you guys can see what I’m doing . How’s that sound ? Good ? Alright . Well I’ve been on this enough tonight so I think I’ll just stay off until tomorrow . And I promise I’ll post something in the morning tomorrow . Ok , hope you guys like my blog ! And I’m going to be updating it a lot now . Ok , bye guys ! Have a good night (:

So ..

Posted November 24th, 2012 by Briana Dodge

Hey guys !! Sorry I haven’t been on in forever ! Mostly because I forgot my blog password .. But , now I can get on my blog almost every day or week ! And I was just basically making this post to see if everything works okay still . And it looks like it does ! Haha , so how’s everybody been ? It’s been over like a year since I’ve been on this … Hope you guys come back again tomorrow to see another post ! And hopefully a new theme .. Okay well bye everybody ! (:


Posted October 2nd, 2011 by Briana Dodge

So I got into the competition team at my dance studio, Diamond Dance Studio. I’m doing a team dance and a duet. My song for the group dance is called Disturbia and, my duet song is called I love Lucy. I can’t wait to learn my duet!! I was going to go and learn some of the dance today but my partner couldn’t show up. So I’m going to go in 2 weeks to go and learn some of the dance since my partner will be there that Sunday. For my Disturbia outfit I’m going to have a beige long sleeve jacket with no sleeves (since we aren’t supposed to have any arms) and boyshorts. We are going to have a wig that has our hair color that’s all messy because my dance teacher said that we were in a dark dark place for 10 years and we see the lights again so we have black makeup on to make us look dirty and our hair is really messy because we’re supposed to look really freaky and because we dont have a brush and we haven’t taken a shower. I haven’t seen the wigs yet but I’m sure that they look pretty cool. Then, my costume for I love Lucy, I don’t really know what the costume looks like because I didn’t go to dance today because he couldn’t show up so I don’t really know what it is yet. But I can’t wait till February because that’s when our 1st competition is. I really like my dance studio and I’m glad I’m dancing again from over 2 years of not dancing it feels good to stretch every Wednesday and Friday and being with my new friends: Janay Ramsey, Mary Beard, Connelly Day, Jensen Boman, Briana Chance, Hanna, Paige, Katie Vargo, and one more person but I forgot her name :( . So I really like being with all of them because they’re like family, especially Briana Chance because she’s like my big sister because we have the same first name and because we are alike in alot of ways. Another big sister is Mary Beard. She’s the other big sister that I’ve always wanted because we kinda look alike and we’re alike in so many ways too. We love to dance, we like the same music, we like to have sleepovers with each other (even though we haven’t had one together it feels like we have since we spend so much time together) and we like the game, Super Mario Bros. for the Wii. I love my friends and I love to see them every Wednesday and Friday. I’m glad I get to dance again and I just love it sooo much. :) <3

What’s new!?!?

Posted September 11th, 2011 by Briana Dodge

Hey guys!! I haven’t been on my blog in a long long time. I now I get to finally get on  it every week. So every week I’m going to try to have a new post in. But yesterday guess what?! I auditioned for dance and I think I got in!! I’m excited because on Wednesday 9\14\2011 I actually get to see what dances I’m in. I definitely can’t wait. :) And this year had gone by so fast!! Only 3 more months until some of my family in Washington goes with my family to Disneyland!! I love Disneyland!!! :) Well, I think that’s it for now. Check in sometime next week to find a new post!!!! :)

Ok now that Christmas is done whats next New Year parties? This month is so tiring! I just can’t wait to go back to school, because of all the things I got epecially I got a haircut all the way up to my shoulders! Next thing you know it’s the new year, and school break is over. :( I’m not all that excited. :(

Bye Christmas :(:(:(:(:(

Posted December 25th, 2010 by Briana Dodge

Christmas is over:(. I’m sooo sad i wish tomorrow was Christmas too. I got so much presents, I even got a new laptop to play with. I really don’t want this year to end I’ve had soo much fun times this year. But only 6 more days till New Years Eve. I literally don’t want the year to end. :(


Posted December 25th, 2010 by Briana Dodge

TODAY IS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a lot of toys and a lot of surprises too. The thing that I like most out of all my toys is my new laptop. It’s a black Emachines computer. It’s bigger than my other laptop. I’m glad I got it. I can’t wait till next year I wonder what I’ll get next year for Christmas! I hope I get and iPod touch just like brother Tyler did! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!

Posted December 22nd, 2010 by Briana Dodge

I’m so excited! Because CHRISTMAS EVE IS IN 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we get to have our Christmas dinner in 2 days and then open presents in 3 days! But, there isn’t really a lot of presents under our tree so, we’ll just have to wait till Santa comes and when my mom or dad wraps some more presents to go under our tree.It’s in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!! Come back here sometime again for some more info that’s going to be on my blog!! Bye!

Christmas is almost here!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!

Posted December 18th, 2010 by Briana Dodge

I am like totally excited for Christmas!! Because we get to open presents,spend time with our family,and most of all we have a new member to our family!!! Her name is RaeLynn, and if you go on Audrey’s blog you can see more about her. She laughs and giggles A LOT!!!!!! She is so adorable! I love her. Just 6 more days till Christmas Eve!!!!!!!