Being a Lifelong Learner

This week, we have been learning about the benefits of becoming a lifelong learner.  As we have read and watched different articles and videos, and I have come to understand the importance of education in each of our lives.

As I look back at the last 28 years of being a dental technician, I think that the one thing that has contributed to any success I have had, is the desire to learn more.  Starting out, doing deliveries, I always strived to learn more about the profession I was a part of.  This has enabled me to be able to learn many different things, and to progress in my chosen profession.

Now, as I continue along the path to earning a college degree, I am realizing that we should all be striving for as much education as we can get.  Doing so, will help to give us additional opportunities, and will help us to become better people.  We must constantly be striving to learn more, and to be better.

As we strive to achieve more education and knowledge, we should also be applying this desire to our spiritual lives.  As we strive to become better people, we should also be striving to become better disciples of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Doing this will not only help ourselves, but will be a blessing to those around us, as we put ourselves in a position to be able to help them.  We must always remember that all we do, should be for Him, and to help build His kingdom upon this earth.

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