The end of another season!!

Tyler and Briana finished out their soccer seasons today. Briana’s team won their final game 3-1 and Tyler’s team barely lost 5-4. Both games were really good, and after they were finished, we went over to Elena’s house for the end of the season party. We won a lot of games this season, lost a couple, almost got into a big fight during one game (long story), but overall had a great time!! We’re looking forward to the spring and the next season!!

Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Today was Tyler’s birthday and we celebrated by going to Macayo’s and having dinner followed by fried ice cream. He turned 12 today, and last week he had his interview with the Bishop – we will be ordaining him as a Deacon. We are having his party Saturday night for everyone to come over and have pizza. We’re very proud of him!! Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

SOCOM: Confrontation!!!

Just thought I’d post the fact that the newest SOCOM was released a few weeks ago for the PS3. I bought it the second day it came out, but haven’t had much time to play it!! I’ve played against Jim, but have yet to play against Rob. We’re still trying to get together to play last year’s Tiger Woods!! Jason – it looks like it’s time to get the PS3!!


Well, Halloween has come and gone – Briana dressed up like Hannah Montana and Tyler dressed up like a pirate. Check out the photo album to see a few different pictures of the day. We started in the morning by carving pumpkins, then we went to Kurt & Elena’s to decorate cookies, eat chili dogs and go trick-or-treating. It was a lot of fun!! Check back here later – I’m trying to find a picture of Rob in his costume; I heard that he was going to dress up like mankini from The Soup. As soon as I find a picture, I’ll make sure to post it!!

Has it been that long already??

Man, I always have good intentions to keeping this blog stuff going, but it is always hard for me!! I can’t believe it was June that I last posted something. A lot has happened since then, so I am going to take some time this weekend to try and post a few different things and some photo albums to show what we’ve been up to. Check back here next week to see (hopefully) a better update.

Briana is riding!!!

It’s really been bothering me that I haven’t taken the time to get Briana riding her bike, so finally we decided to just take her out and get her riding. It didn’t take her long to get the hang of it although she is still having a hard time remembering how to stop. She is loving not having her training wheels on – check out the photos for more pics of her riding around!

What?? A Ford??

Well it’s official now – both Teresa and I are driving Ford’s. The Yukon was starting to act up again and we’ve had it for almost 5 years now, so we decided to trade it in before it died on us. We would have loved to go with another GMC, but Ford was offering better incentives at the time, plus I’ve been riding in Kurt & Elena’s Expedition for a while and I love it, so we decided to go for it. Check the Photo Albums for more pictures of it.