California Adventure – on a Segway!!

I was looking at Disneyland’s website this last year when I found this tour that Disney offers. It is a 3 hour tour that takes place in California Adventure before the park opens. They teach you how to ride a Segway and then take you all over the park. These things are a blast!!! I loved the tour – I want to buy a Segway to get back and forth to work!! I posted an album with some different pictures of that day. Some show the park as we are walking through it while empty, one of Billy Hill and the Hillbillies over at Disneyland (I love these guys!!), my all-time high score on Buzz Lightyear (the ride got stuck next to a triangle target and I got to rack up the points) and a couple of Kurt & Elena braving the rapids at night time. A very cool day – I highly recommend this tour!! In a few months Teresa & I will be in Florida and I hear they offer a Segway tour around Epcot – we’ll be checking into it!!

Audrey’s 17th Birthday Party

Well, look at that. 2 entries in a single day!! That’s got to be some kind of record for me!! Thought I’d let everyone know that we celebrated Audrey’s birthday today, even though we are a couple of days early. My mom was in town this weekend, so we thought we would celebrate when everyone could come over and hang out. I will post pictures to the photo albums page later this week so everyone can see what was going on.

Here we go with a blog again!!

All right!! I started this thing to make it so I didn’t have to get frustrated updating my old blog, and here I am creating a new one!!! I love this iWeb application – it has quite a few different things I can play around with and it’s extremely simple so I don’t have to take a lot of time on it. I should be able to update the website occasionally and this blog pretty often without having to mess around too much. Hope everyone enjoys it!!