Welcome to our Website!!!

Welcome to the Dodge Family Website.  We’re starting this as a family project to help teach the kids about how websites work and let them get creative on a blog they can call their own.  In order for them to have their blog, they had to help upload the files to the server and they are going to be responsible for picking their own themes and posting information on things we are all involved in.  We’re hoping things go good and we hope you enjoy our project.  Check back often – we’re going to try and keep the content updated often.  Let us know what you think!!

James’ Blog
Briana’s Blog
Audrey’s Blog
Tyler’s Blog – Coming Soon!!

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3 Responses to Welcome to our Website!!!

  1. Brooke says:

    What a great idea!!

    • James Dodge says:

      Thanks Brooke!! I figure if I can get all the kids involved, maybe people won’t notice when I go for so long without posting! LOL – We’ll see how it works out!!

  2. Audrey Dodge says:

    I agree with Brooke, this is a great idea. Children are becoming so computer savy these days that I’m surprised that more families don’t create their own websites.
    Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas.