Dance Competition Season Starts

This past weekend was the beginning of the Dance Competition season for 2013.  Briana is performing her first solo this year and was really nervous about doing it!!  Below is the video of her solo – she’s dancing to the song “Glam”, by Christina Aguilera.  I think she did a great job for her first time out there all by herself – I’m  very proud of her for getting up there!  The rest of the day went well for her too, and for all the dancers from Diamond Dance Studio.  They all did great!!

Another Video from Kings River

Here’s the second video I made from our trip down Kings River.  I guess the song I chose for this one is not allowing me to make this video available on mobile devices or TV – so I guess you’ll just have to watch it on your computer!!  Hope you like it!!  More videos are on their way…………..

Kings River 2012!!!!

OK, so we went on this trip to Kings River just like last year.  We had a blast!!  We went with the Sams again, but this time my sister’s and their husbands and my dad were able to join us.  Plus, we had Eddie along (a great friend we play poker with a lot).  I bought a GoPro camera this year – so we had the one Chris brought, plus mine, plus the Flip Video camera I brought with us last year.  We recorded A LOT of video, so it’s going to take some time to go through it all!!  Hopefully we’ll be able to make some good videos like last year.  Here is the first one I’ve put together – I’ll post more as I get them done!!

King’s River – New Videos

Well – I’ve been able to do 2 more videos from our King’s River trip and they’re both uploaded through YouTube. I’m going to be doing some more in the next couple of weeks.  I would probably have another 1 or 2 already, but I got sidetracked by a trip to Disneyland!! (More on that trip in a little bit) Anyways, here are the 2 latest videos below. Hope you enjoy them!! Let me know what you think!!

King’s River – 2011

So this past weekend, we had the chance to go whitewater river rafting with Kurt & Elena and some friends of ours – Jen & Chris.  We had a blast!!  We’ll be posting a lot more video and pictures of the trip, but for now, check out the trailer we made of a few highlights.  Check back over the next couple of weeks as we put more together!!

Looking for Christmas Trees at Mt. Trumbull

Last week Kurt and I took Tyler and Troy up to Mt. Trumbull to look for our Christmas trees. This is something that I have done with Teresa’s side of the family quite a few times in the past, but it’s the first time we’ve had Kurt and Troy along. It’s always a lot of fun to go out there, even when it’s as muddy as it was. There was some snow, but mostly just a lot of mud. I thought for sure we were going to get stuck once we got to the top of the mountain, but Kurt did an excellent job of making it through!

Aviation Nation

Well, it’s taken me over a week to get this posted – I wish I had the time to post to the blog everyday, but my life just seems to get too hectic!!  We went last Sunday with Kurt and Elena and their family to Nellis Air Force Base to see the annual Veteran’s Day Air Show they have.  We were lucky enough to be able to park right on Base (thanks to some awesome friends!) – directly across from where the Air Show took place.  Since I heard that the buses back and forth to the public parking lots were crazy, I was very thankful for this!!  The kids all enjoyed the show, and so did I.  The planes flying were amazing!!  Especially the F-22 – Raptor – man, that plane is amazing!!  I have a hard time believing that thing can maneuver like it can.  Then we got to see the Thunderbirds fly also.  Those guys are awesome.  It’s really cool to see how synchronized they are.  I took a lot of pictures and some video also – click to see the photo album (it’s on Facebook, so if you’re not a friend, you won’t be able to see it), and check back soon for a link to the video I took.