Dominion Over Yourself

This week, in our business class, we had a lot of reading to do.  The week was a little shorter than normal, but we have a couple things coming up that we need to be planning for.  One, is a book report that’s due next week.  The other, is an interview we need to conduct in the next few weeks and report on.

One of the talks that I watched this week, was titled “Success is Gauged by Self-Mastery” by N. Eldon Tanner.  This talk really stuck with me this week.  In it, President Tanner speaks of mastering ourselves, and the importance of doing so.

This means that we need to be able to work hard, and be disciplined.  It is easy to become complacent, and not do our best in life, but we must overcome this feeling, and work hard each day of our lives.

This needs to be done in all aspects of our lives.  As we work hard, we need to remember to keep ourselves on the straight and narrow path, and not let ourselves deviate from the direction we are heading.  We must set goals, and then follow through with them, and work hard to achieve them.

I really enjoyed watching this talk, and I would recommend watching it, when you have the chance.  I hope to continue to work hard in my life, so that I may be able to accomplish the things I hope to do.

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