Forming an LLC

This week for our web based business class, we had to do a couple different things.  First, we needed to actually create our business and make it a legal entity.  I chose to create my business  as an LLC instead of a sole-proprietorship, as many others did.  As I create this business, I’m wanting it to be able to last past this semester, and hopefully turn into something that I can sustain for many years.  Because of this, I wanted the extra protection that an LLC will give me.  This will enable me to keep any debts of the business separate from my personal finances.  As we set up this structure, we needed to make sure that we look into any licenses or permits that we might need for our business.

The second thing we needed to make sure happened this week, is to actually have our website for our business up and running.  I’ve been working on the basic structure, but I’m still trying to decide on how to process the payments.  I think I’m going to need a shopping cart, so I’m looking at using the services from ecwid.  They look like they offer some great options with building an online store.  They will help me build the products page for my site, but they won’t actually process the payments for me.  I am pretty sure that I will be using PayPal to help with accepting payments.  I feel that they are the most well known, and I can use their basic services without having to pay a monthly fee.  Just the 2.99% fee + $0.30 per transaction.  Eventually, I’ll look at other options for processing these transactions, but for now, PayPal is going to be the choice I go with.

I will be finalizing these last details this weekend, and it looks like in the next few weeks we will be working on optimizing our sites, and promoting them using social media.  If you’d like to check out the site – go to and take a look around.  Let me know what you think!

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