Negative Keywords

This week, we are starting to get into the part of an online business that will help us to grow it.  We are looking at adwords, and how to build a campaign, using help from Google.

One of the things that I was really interested in learning about this week, was the topic of negative keywords.  I have never heard of negative keywords before, so it was interesting to learn about them.

Basically, these words can be built into our campaign, so that we don’t attract the wrong type of customer.  We can specify certain words that might be misleading, and make sure that the search results don’t list our site if someone is searching for these particular words.

I can see how this is going to help me quite a bit, especially since I am running a dental supply company, and selling adhesive.  I could see dentists looking for information on different bonding agents for the veneers they are placing, and inadvertently ending up at my site, with nothing to look at except some super glue that they can’t use.

It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks go, as we build upon our adwords campaign.  I look forward to learning the best way to run this, and I can’t wait to see what some of my fellow classmates come up with.

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