Honesty and Integrity

This week, we learned about the importance of honesty and integrity in business.  I am grateful for this lesson, because I know the importance of honesty and integrity in our lives each day, and specifically in our business dealings.  I think it is so easy to think “it’s just business” in response to a variety of situations that help to justify something dishonest.  It’s important for us to remember who we are each day, so that we may be a good representative of the church, and of our Savior.

I really enjoyed a talk we read this week, by Elder Lynn G. Robbins.  In this talk, he discussed the importance of making sure that our motives are good in the work place.  He spoke of how it’s not only important to make a living, but that we need to focus on making a good and honest living.

As he continued with his talk, Elder Robbins spoke about the motives that drive people each day.  He showed us several examples of primary motivation and secondary motivation.  He then graded these different scenarios with an “A” being the best, and an “F” being the worst.

I think the grade of “A” is what we all strive for, which would indicate that our primary motivation is love of God and our fellowmen while our secondary motivation would be income.  From there, the primary motivations of people become worse with each drop in grade value.

This really helped me to realize where I am at personally, and where I want to be in the future.  It also helped to look at the company I currently work for, and the grade that I would give to it, using these parameters.  I realized that, not only do I want to be a better person, but I want to work for a much better company.

I’m grateful for the opportunities that are coming into my life, as I know that I will be able to build a company that will have an “A” reputation.  I’m grateful for the teachings this week, as it helps me to focus my attention back to myself, as I try to become a better disciple of Christ.

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