Making a Bucket List

This week, I have really been learning just how important it is to have a vision in our lives.  Without a vision, and without knowing where it is that we want to go, we can’t expect to get there.  As we went through the lesson this week, we made a bucket list, and we also made a life plan, identifying different things that we want to make sure and accomplish during our lives.

I have never put together a bucket list before, but I really enjoyed doing it this week.  As I searched around for ideas of things to do, I really found a lot of things that I think would be a lot of fun to do.  I am going to keep this list close, and start working on accomplishing each of them.

During our reading this week, we also learned about Randy Pausch.  We read from his last lectures and watched him in a video clip as well.  I think that Randy was able to achieve so many of his childhood dreams, because he received a lot of encouragement from his parents.  They made sure not to stifle him, and to encourage his creativity from a young age.  I think he was also able to achieve so much, because of his making the things he wanted to do a priority in his life.

One of the questions that we are asked to answer this week, is whether or not we believe that dreaming is important.  I think that it is very important in our lives.  To dream, gives us hope for things to come.  Without that hope, I think that life would be pretty boring and unbearable.  It’s these dreams that keep us going, always striving for something more.

As we discuss dreams, we are supposed to share one of our childhood dreams.  One of my childhood dreams was to learn to become a pilot and fly a plane.  Although I’ve never pursued this dream, I think that I could still do it, and I know that it is still possible to achieve.

As we learned this week, anything is possible, if we plan for it, and if we keep fighting to make it happen.

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