However Long and Hard the Road

This week, in one of our readings, we got to read a speech by Elder Holland called, “However Long and Hard the Road.”

I’ve posted a link to the video on YouTube, and I think it is worth watching if you have a little time.

In this speech, Elder Holland tells us the importance of enduring and persevering no matter what may be thrown at us.  He tells of the many trials that will come to each of us during this lifetime, and the importance of learning how to overcome them.

This really stood out to me this week, and helped me to realize that trials are going to be a part of each of our lives.  And we must learn how to overcome them.  If we don’t, we will end up holding ourselves back, and not living up to our full potential.

As Elder Holland shared several different stories of trials by those that have come before us, it really helps to put in perspective just how much our ancestors have gone through to get us to the point we are now.  We must not let these people down by giving up as things get hard.  Instead, we must learn to push through, persevere, and overcome the adversity that comes to all of us.

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