This week, we submitted a paper we have been working on for the past several weeks.  We have been looking for someone to interview that we feel has been successful as an entrepreneur.  As I started this project, I decided to interview a close friend of mine, who has owned his own business for 20 years.

One thing that really stood out to me during this interview, was my friends opportunity to have a mentor, as he started to prepare to own his own business.  This really stood out, as it is a recurring theme that I see in many of the things we are being taught during this business class.

I am coming to realize the importance of mentors in our lives, and this interview has really helped to increase my desire to have more mentors in my life.  It is definitely helpful to have others that have gone down the path you are wanting to go down, to be there to offer help, and guidance.

If we choose to seek these mentors out, and really make an effort to listen to them, we can avoid so many potential problems in our lives.  We can also look for stories of success, and try to emulate them as much as we can.

I have really come to know, over these past few weeks, that having many mentors is something that I should be striving for.  This will help me to be successful, and to learn from those that have been in the places that I want to go.

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