This week has been great.  Not only did I have an amazing Thanksgiving with my family, but we got to study some pretty cool stuff in our business class.  The thing I learned the most this week, was the necessity of having my priorities straight.  We had a couple of cases that we studied this week, talking about different scenarios that could possibly happen in our careers at one point or another.

In one scenario, we had to talk about how we would handle a situation where a client had an emergency, and needed us to be there to help out, even though it would mean missing our daughter’s first dance recital.

In the second scenario, we discussed how we would handle things if our spouse decided to leave us, because of too many times away from home because of work-related items.

Although I don’t think any of us want to find ourselves in these types of scenarios, the truth is we don’t know what might come our way as we establish our careers and put ourselves in many different situations.

I believe that if we have our priorities straight, and make sure to put family first, we will never have to worry about the second scenario.  But, this may mean that we have to sacrifice a dance recital or two, as we make sure to take care of the business that supports us and allows us the freedom to do different things.  As long as this doesn’t become the normal thing in regards to our family life, we shouldn’t have to worry about getting to the point of our spouse thinking the only solution they have, is to leave.

I think the main thing to be aware of, is knowing that we need to have our family’s best interests in mind at all times, and be willing to do whatever is necessary to take care of them.

I also want to share my thoughts this week on an article we read, called “Attitude on Money.” I thought this article was great, and it really made me reflect on my own attitude when it comes to money.  I feel like I have a slightly different view on money than most people.  Many people I know always seem to be worried about money.  And, to a certain extent, I guess I do too.  But I also feel somewhat calm, because I look at money in the following way.  I know it seems like there is never enough, but I also know that there is always more coming.

This attitude has affected the way I live, because it helps me to realize that if there’s not enough, I need to change the way I am using it, so that I can take care of all of my priorities.  But I also feel a sense of calm, knowing that there is always more coming in.  This helps to relieve any anxiety that might develop, because I know that everything will be alright.

In this article, there are certain rules that are recommended to help us prosper.  The first one is that we should seek out the Lord, and have hope in Him.  The second is that we should keep the commandments, including paying our tithes and fast offerings.  The third is that we should think about money and figure out how we can become self-reliant.  The fourth is that we should look for chances to learn so that we will not be ignorant when it comes to financial matters.  The fifth rule is to learn the laws that bring the blessings of wealth.  And the sixth rule is to not send those in need away.  We must be willing to help those around us.

I really appreciate the opportunity we had to read this article, and hope to work these rules into my daily life.

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