Becoming a Changemaker

This week, we had the opportunity to finish off a great book, and watch a great video.  The book we finished, is titled “A Field Guide for the Hero’s Journey” by Jeff Sandefer and Rev. Robert A. Sirico.  This book is great, and gives great insight as to what we should do, as we endeavor to become successful in business, and in life.

Although I really enjoyed this book, I want to talk this week about the video we watched.  This was a video of a talk given by Elder Robert C. Gay, where he speaks about “Entrepreneurship and Consecration.”

This video taught me so many lesson this week, that I have a hard time putting them all into words.  I truly enjoyed this video, and plan on watching it more, to learn more from it.

This video helped me to realize that I have a responsibility in this world to do all that I can to help further the kingdom of God.  It was very humbling to me, as I watched this video, to hear that if all we are looking to gain while building our businesses and our careers is money and success, that we will not be where our Father in Heaven wishes us to be.

We need to do more, and be more aware of the world around us.  We must do all that we can, and dedicate all that we have, or that we will receive, to helping to build this kingdom in these latter days.  We must know and realize that we are here to help save those around us.  This should be our primary mission in our lives, and we should do all that we can in order to save our brothers and sisters in this world who need to be saved.

This video really stirred up many emotions in me this week, and if you ever have a chance to watch it, I would recommend doing so.  I know, from watching this video, that I have been given a great gift by being born in this day and age, and by being given the many opportunities that I have been given.  I understand the responsibility that is also upon me, because of these great gifts, and I hope to be able to do all that I can to live up to these responsibilities.

In addition to these things this week, one other reading we did was of an article titled “What’s a Business For” by Charles Handy.  We are asked to include in our posts this week, the answers to three questions.  I have included the questions, as well as my answers, below:

1. Based on what you read in the first two pages (pages 3 and 4), why are virtue and integrity so vital to an economy?

I feel that virtue and integrity is vital to an economy, because this is what helps to build trust between all involved in the economy.  Without this virtue and integrity being present, there are too many that are only looking out for themselves, and doing so by any means possible.  This leads to distrust and to people not wanting to do their part for the economy.  As this starts to happen, everything starts to fall apart.

2. According to Charles Handy, what is the “real justification” for the existence of businesses?

According to Charles Handy, the “real justification” for the existence of businesses is so that as the business makes profits, it uses those profits to do more and help make things better for everyone.

3. What are two solutions proposed by Handy that you agree with? Why?

One solution that Handy proposes, that I agree with, would be that leaders of companies should bind themselves to an oath that would be equivalent to the Hippocratic oath that Doctors are sworn to as they graduate.  This oath, to do no harm, should be adopted by businesses also, as they should strive to always do good, and to always be working towards being better.

A second solution that he proposes, is to help provide more accountability within a business.  I think this would be great in helping to keep people more honest, and in helping everyone understanding what they are working towards.

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