Optimizing the Website

We’re getting really close to the end of the semester here, and we’re really starting to analyze what is good about our websites, and what can be improved upon.

This week, we looked into the different keywords that are driving traffic to our sites.  We looked at those that are doing good, as well as those that need to be improved.

We also looked at woorank.com to see how our sites are being ranked.  Now that we have done these things, the last part of the class will be made up of making some changes, and trying to improve the ranking.

This class has been great, and I’m looking forward to finishing the semester next week, and continuing on with the business.  Although I haven’t had any conversions yet, I have made some sales, due to the fact that several people that I know have gone on to make purchases.

Now that I have the basic understanding of what to look for in regards to Google Analytics, and Google Adwords, I am really excited to start concentrating on growing this business.

I think that most of my attempts have not been successful, due to the fact that I’ve only been pushing to sell one product.  And that one product is used sparingly by a select number of people.  I have several different products where I have reached deals with the manufacturer’s, and I will start promoting soon.  I think these additional products will help me appeal to more dental laboratories, and help me to make more sales.

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