Social Media

This past week, we’ve been learning about social media, and how we need to use it to drive traffic to our sites.  I think we all know how much impact social media has had on our lives over the past several years, so of course we need to try and utilize it to help us with our goals.

Many people will check their phones multiple times throughout the day, and we need to have a strategy in place, in order to capitalize on that.  As we come up with this strategy, we need to track the traffic that is coming to our sites, and identify that which is coming through social media.  This will help us to refine our presence online, and hopefully drive more traffic, and ultimately, more conversions.

I am going to start a Facebook page for my company this week, and try using their Facebook Ads, to see if I can drive more traffic to my site.  I’m hoping that I will be able to target even more people, and start to see some conversions on my site, in this next week.

This week has been very interesting, and it is nice to see how all the strategies we have been working on are starting to come together.  I’m looking forward to the last couple of weeks of class, and I’m excited to keep this going past that point.

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