Landing Page Optimization and SEO

This week has been rough for me in terms of working on school assignments.  I have been at scout camp for this past week with the Young Men from my ward, and I haven’t been able to turn everything in that I have been working on.

The area we were camping in, was not near any spots that could be used to get onto the internet and/or submit any assignments.

For this weeks reflection, I am going to discuss what we are working on, and how I will catch things up this week.

We are working on optimizing our landing page for our websites.  This needs to be done, because we want to make sure that as people are looking at our ads, and clicking on them, they are taken to a spot that will help them to spend money.  Our whole goal as a business, is to make money, so we need to make sure that when someone clicks on our ad, it is easy for them to buy what they are looking for.

I will be optimizing my landing page over the next couple of days so that when someone goes there, after clicking on my ad, it will show them exactly what they are looking to buy.

The other thing we are looking at, is our SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.  This is important, as it is what helps determine if the search engines can find us or not.  We want to utilize good techniques and good keywords, so that the traffic to our sites starts to grow organically, in addition to our ads.  Without the proper set up, and the proper keywords, it can be difficult for the search engines to differentiate our sites from thousands of others out there.

Over the next couple of days, I will get my assignments finished off and submitted.  Unfortunately, I know that I can’t go back and do the discussion boards, as these are needing participation by others, and the time is past for them.  Hopefully, I can continue to finish off the next few weeks, and continue to build this online business that has been created.

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